Good vibrations: Yogafest descends on Fort Nugent Park today July 25


Carol Sele is on a mission.

“My message is anti-sigma,” Sele said. “That’s my mission.”

Thus is the meaning behind Unsize Me Yoga, which has been a mainstay on Pioneer Way for more than two years. Sele chose the name because of people’s obsession with size. Sele said many women, like herself, will never be a size two, and even men feel the pressure of trying to achieve the perfect physique.

“It’s crazy,” Sele said.

To combat that, Sele’s goal is to give people confidence and health at any size through yoga classes and events like Yogafest.

Yogafest is 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. tomorrow, July 25, at Fort Nugent Park. The third annual event, which will begin with a choreographed performance and end with a hula class, will feature raffles for massage and yoga classes, Toppin’s Frozen Yogurt, and other vendors and activities.

“It brings the community together,” Sele said. “And I want to bring awareness to yoga and its benefits.”

Sele said that while a newcomer might feel intimidated by yoga, there’s no need. Each practitioner just needs to show up on his or her mat and do their best to feel the health benefits.

“It’s mind altering,” Sele said. “Every time you take a yoga class, it’s a new beginning.”



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