Blue Angels to fly over Ault Field, Oak Harbor


The Navy’s Blue Angels will conduct a flyover at Ault Field tomorrow, July 29, following a flyover at the Seattle Mariners game that afternoon. The base does expect the flyover between 1:30 and 1:45 p.m., but that time could change.

Residents in the Oak Harbor area may have the opportunity to view the Navy’s demonstration team as they will fly from north to south over parts of the town.

The Blue Angels will conduct a full demonstration at Genesee Park on Lake Washington as part of the Boeing Seafair Airshow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 31 through Aug. 2.



  1. I saw two very tight formations early this afternoon which was a real treat. The old Sea and Sky Fests from the early 1990s were really something at NAS Whidbey.

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