World record 145,445 paid for Ferrari 330 P2 children’s car replica

The Ferrari company’s 330 P2 model replica (replica) was auctioned in Paris for $ 145,445.

World record: children on the run for a crore of Rs

A car designed for children recently set the world record at an auction in Paris. In fact, at the RM-Sotheby’s Paris auction in Paris, the Ferrari 330P2 Junior was bought for $ 145,445 (Rs 1,06,58,078,70). This is the highest price paid for a children’s car to date. The car was built by French coachbuilder De La Chapelle. Previously, this record was named after the replica of the 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa model, built in New York in 1958, which was bought at auction for $ 126,500 (around Rs 93 lakh).

Bid already
In March 2015, at the Amelia Island charity auction at RM-Sotheby’s, an offer was also made for the Ferrari 330 P2 Junior Child car on behalf of De La Chapelle. At that time, the highest price of this car was only $ 66,125 (over 48 lakh rupees). At that time, the money from the auction was donated to the Jacksonville-based Bifida Association. Since then, the price of the children’s car made with this model has steadily increased with each auction, which has now crossed the price of 1 crore.

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