White Fungus: Facts About Fungal Infections – Learn About Dangerous White Fungus

After the black fungus, the risk for white fungus patients is now higher.

The new type B.1.617 (New Indian variant of corona virus) found in India is proving to be very deadly for patients infected with the second wave of corona epidemic. But after a fortnight of black fungus, the risk for white fungus patients is now higher. In many states, it has been declared an epidemic. The symptoms of white fungus are similar to those of corona, but the report is negative. Which treatment in such a situation becomes the big question. The black fungus is attacking the eyes, while the white fungus infects all the vital organs of the body like lungs, stomach, kidneys, brain, inner part of the mouth, nails, skin and genitals.

HRCT scan is required
In case of any disease, if there is any cavid defect in the HRCT scan, then do mucus culture test at the present time with the advice of the doctor. White fungus is more deadly for patients with cancer, diabetes and weakened immune systems, or for long-term steroid use. The main symptoms are black crust, swelling in the cheeks, shortness of breath and cough in the upper part of the nose.

Damage to these organs
After the second wave of corona in India, black fungus has become even more deadly than white fungus. Recently, four infections have been reported in Patna. Let us know why doctors consider it more deadly than black fungus. Indeed, white fungus affects not only the lungs, but also other parts of the body, such as the nails, skin, stomach, kidneys, brain, individual organs, and mouth. Because of this, the fungus can be fatal to a person suffering from coronary heart disease.

These people are more susceptible to fungus
The infection can be caused by people with very weakened immune systems or by contaminated water. In her patients, the symptoms are seen as corona but the report is negative. Patients with weakened immune systems who are on oxygen support or have been taking steroids for a long time have an increased risk of white fungus because it affects the lungs more. Coronavirus patients with diabetes or cancer are also affected.

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