Try These Health Tips For Kidney Stone Problems – Here Are The Things To Consider If You Have Problems With Kidney Stones

Question: There is a stone in the kidney. Homeopathy Cure?

Take care of these things if you have a problem with stones

When the body is dehydrated, uric acid and calcium oxygen accumulate in the kidneys and form stones. Drink about three liters of water daily for protection. Those who suffer from gallstones should avoid eating horn vegetables such as tomatoes, chillies, spinach and green leafy vegetables. It is high in calcium agate. Homeopathy prescribes medicines such as Bulberis vulgaris, Sarsaparela and Hydrangea. Seek medical advice.

Dr. Ko. Komal Kaushik, Ayurveda Specialist, NIA, Jaipur

Question: There is a problem of snoring. What to do
Changing routines are leading to obesity. Snoring has the same side effects. If we control weight, snoring will be less. Do regular yoga, exercise and pranayama. Snoring is aggravated by alcohol and sleeping pills. Sleeping on the side instead of sleeping upright reduces snoring. Some people also get sleep because of this. They also have the problem of sleep apnea. Seek expert advice. Some devices also offer this relief.

Tarun Oza Dr.
Senior ENT Surgeon, Jaipur

Health Tips Kidney problems Sleep apnea treatment Snoring

Health Tips Kidney problems Sleep apnea treatment Snoring

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