Troubled by nasal congestion, take home remedy

Nasal problems: – Although not a cold, many people have problems with nasal congestion. If you are also facing such a problem. So do some home remedy too, it will give you a lot of relief.

Many people are troubled by the problem of nasal congestion. Often people have stuffy noses even though they don’t have a cold. Because people suffering from sinus are also bothered by this problem. They feel suffocated because their noses are blocked. Some home remedies should also be done in such a situation. So that you do not face the problem of nasal congestion.

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Keep windows open to the air

Many people close all windows and doors at bedtime. Because of this, the nose also gets stuck due to suffocation. If you are also having nasal congestion problem for this reason. So you at least keep the windows open. To maintain movement in the air. With this you will not have the problem of nasal congestion.

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Use mustard oil

If you are having problems with nasal congestion. So you put mustard oil on the fingers of your hand and give it a quick scent, it will open your nose in no time.

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Sweet celery and camphor-

Nasal congestion is a problem. So you fry the grilled grains, take desi camphor with it and bundle it in a cotton cloth, sniff it for a while. This blocked nose will open very quickly.

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Steam –

If your nose is getting blocked due to a cold or flu or there is some other reason. So steaming will prove to be very effective for you. You take hot water steam. This blocked nose will open very quickly. If your nose still does not open. So you put some wicks or mint leaves in it. It will bring a lot of relief.

The benefits of drinking soup

Sometimes the fever also causes a sore throat and nasal congestion. If this is happening. So you have soup. You drink hot soup of tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, mix wedges etc. It will also relieve you from colds.

Exhale quickly

Sometimes the phlegm accumulates from the nose. It also causes difficulty in breathing. If you are also facing such a problem. So you quickly close one nostril and exhale through the other nostril. With this, the nose will open as soon as the accumulated cough in your nose comes out.

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