TikTok Weight Loss Dance Challenge Might Be Dangerous, Don’t Accept – “ Tiktok Weight Loss Dance Challenge ” Is Dangerous For Your Health

Important to know – Don’t make such a social media challenge claiming instant result of obesity or weight work, remember this mistake even if you are on Tiktok.

‘Ticketok Weight Dance Challenge’ is dangerous for your health

A new challenge goes viral on social networks. A new challenge in this episode is the Ticketock “Weight Loss Dance Challenge” (#TikTok Weight Loss Dance Challenge). Most people these days are concerned about the problem of locked out weight gain. This challenge on Chinese short video app banned in India last year is pretty viral nowadays. He was raped by TicketLock user # Janny14906. It is claimed in the video that by doing this the fat is reduced very quickly. But doctors qualify it as dangerous to health and a threat to mental health.

Like playing with health
According to the latest Cosmopolitan report, experts claimed that Ticketcock’s new weight loss dance challenge is extremely dangerous. According to him, it will not reduce abdominal fat. Because putting on weight any part of the body is a myth. It’s like jogging after eating to fill your stomach. There is also a risk of injury associated with such a challenge.

Pretending to be
In this challenge, Tiktok user Jeannie 14906 claims it can reduce belly fat quickly and achieve a fit mid-belly riff. But health experts believe that DM does not contain DM in these claims because the total body weight can be reduced, but it is not possible to reduce fat from any part except the rest of the body. body. Ticketlock user Janny14906 is the person who created this new viral challenge. In one of his videos, he can be seen dropping air from his mouth. After that, she did ax trims and routine dance steps, which sometimes included stomach flexes in and out. Not only that, in her video Janani claims that this way you should do an hour of pruning daily and you can eat whatever you want.

Bad effect on mental health too
On the other hand, other fitness trainers have also stated that if you want to reduce your belly fat and extra belly fat, you also need to keep your body balanced and stable while exercising. He said it could be done by crunching, body grabbing, and side planks. Sirin Atsen, psychologist at WeCure, said: “These days people get caught in such body shame and viral tendency flares, without getting the desired results, they think their weight or fat will never work. While the reality is that they had adopted the wrong method, so one should stay away from the trends that show such a vegetable patch as they can also cause depression.

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tiktok belly fat dance challenge tiktok app tiktok ban tiktok videos

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