Three were killed and several were injured in what became known as the “Wisconsin Bar” shooting

Shooting in the United States: Three people were killed and two others were seriously injured in a shooting in the state of Wisconsin in the United States.

WASHINGTON – A shooting in the United States has happened again. Three people were killed and several others were injured in the incident. Three were killed and at least two were injured in what became known as the “Wisconsin” shooting. The injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

A police official said the shooting took place at a bar in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. County Sergeant David Wright said the incident happened early Sunday morning at a bar in Somers Village.

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He further added that the attack was targeted. So far, the attackers have not been caught. Wright said the whole matter is being investigated. The attackers will be caught soon.

The shooting escalated into a minor altercation

According to media reports, a minor altercation broke out between the two sides at the bar and then one of the parties opened fire. Three people were killed in the incident. Police have sealed off the bar after the incident and launched an investigation.

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Significantly, earlier this week, a shooting occurred at a FedEx compound in Indianapolis, USA. Eight people, including four members of the Sikh community, were killed in the incident. At the same time, four people were killed in a shooting at an office in California last month.

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