This is the main reason for whistling in the ear

Q- I have a whistling sound in my ear for 3-4 months? There can be many reasons for this.

This causes whistling in the ears

Whistling is also caused by dirt or pus inside the ear and weakness in the ear veins. Nowadays people who wear headphones all day or listen to loud music also have weakened ear veins. This requires some testing. These include ear telescopic examination and iDeometry testing. This indicates nerve weakness. Eat a healthy diet and avoid loud noises.

Dr. Deepanshu Gurunani, ENT Surgeon, Jaipur

Mouth gets dry for many reasons
Question- Mouth gets dry frequently. Why is this happening?
Frequent dry mouth, excessive thirst or heat can lead to dehydration. Eat more liquid foods like coconut water, buttermilk, syrup etc. If these symptoms are accompanied by excessive urination and weight loss, the symptoms of diabetes can occur. If there is excessive thirst, dry mouth, eye irritation and difficulty swallowing food or sputum, there are also signs of a type of arthritis. See your doctor.

Dr. Sankalp Shastri.
Senior Physician

Ear and future health tips

Ear and future health tips

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