This innovative belt will relieve health workers from sweating in PPE – Ventilation belt that will prevent fungal infections from the PPE kit

Frontline health workers also have difficulty concentrating at work due to frequent rashes, allergic reactions, and persistent sweating. This ventilation belt (Ronais ventilation system) can be worn around the waist like a normal belt.

Ventilation belt that will not allow the PPE kit to stick to the skin

Very few people are aware of the suffering of frontline corona warriors performing day and night duties wearing a PPE kit in hospitals, emergency units, and special corona centers. Also in the past year, frontline medical staff working in doctors, nurses and other units had reported complaints of sweating, fatigue, rashes, allergies, dehydration and nausea due to lack of ventilation in the PPE kit. This is due to keeping the body in a PPE kit for hours. Fatigue is often felt due to dehydration and lack of ventilation.

But soon this problem will be over. Experts in medical equipment have come up with a technique that, by wearing it on their body, will relieve all these problems by creating ventilation in the PPE kit. This technique, called the Ronis Ventilation System, keeps it ventilated when worn inside a traditional PPE kit, so that the body is not wet with sweat and there is no risk of injury. fungal infection.

The device was developed as a state-of-the-art prototype facility at Dassault Systems, Pune. The company named it “COV-Tech Ventilation System”. According to the Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology (DST), it can be worn under a PPE kit like a normal belt. It is designed only to maintain ventilation in PPE kits. It supplies fresh air to the user every 100 seconds.

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