These foods are a good source of vitamins

Good sources of vitamins: – Vitamins are very important for keeping our body healthy. Due to the supply of all the vitamins, our body stays fit. We don’t have any problems

Our body needs many types of vitamins to strengthen bones, improve digestion, keep heart, mind and eyes healthy and provide full support. But due to lack of information, many people cannot consume them, so today we will tell you which foods you will get vitamins from. Their consumption can keep you healthy and fit.

Due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in our body, many kinds of problems start. So today we are going to tell you what foods you should eat. Which will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals and will also give your body plenty of energy.

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Eat Pomegranate: –

Pomegranate intake is very beneficial for our body. Because it increases blood flow in our body, those who have anemia or suffer from anemia should consume pomegranate. You can also peel a pomegranate and eat it. Or you can squeeze the juice of its seeds into the mixer. Pomegranate will increase the glow of your skin, improve your face and also keep your heart healthy. About 16 mcg of vitamin K is found in 100 g of pomegranate seeds.

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Eat peas: –

Green peas are very beneficial for the body. However people also prefer green pea vegetables. People use peas in a variety of vegetables, including potatoes and cheese. Because it looks delicious too. Let me tell you that about 100 grams of peas contain 26 mcg of vitamin K. Which is very beneficial for the body.

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Eat spinach: –

Talk about vitamins and the name of the spinach is not known, it can not be done. Because spinach has the most vitamins. About 100 grams of spinach contains 483 mcg of vitamin K. Spinach also contains antioxidant elements along with vitamins. It contains Vitamin A, it helps in strengthening the bones of your body and also helps in increasing the light of your eyes. Therefore, spinach should be consumed daily as long as possible. It also has enough fiber. Which also keeps your digestive power healthy. It also does not cause many stomach ailments.

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Take avocado: –

Avocados contain about 21 mcg of vitamin K per 100 g. It also contains folate, vitamin C and helps keep the body healthy. Consuming it will also reduce your weight and it is also very beneficial for your heart.

Kiwi eats: –

Kiwi contains 40 mcg of vitamin K per 100 g. It contains vitamins as well as nutrients like folate, potassium etc. Which is very helpful in keeping your heart healthy.

Drink milk: –

Milk is a good source of calcium. Therefore, milk should be consumed. It strengthens our bones. You do not have to deal with calcium related problems if you drink milk every day.

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