The world’s largest Sakura Purple Pink Diamond Brake auction sold for a record 29 million

The world’s largest Sakura Purple-Pink Diamond was auctioned in Hong Kong

New Delhi. The world’s largest purple-pink diamond was auctioned in Hong Kong. This rare diamond of 15.81 carats has been auctioned for 29.3 million or about 213 crores.

Vicky Sak, president of Christina Asia Pacific, revealed that the diamond is known as ‘Sakura’.

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This means ‘Sakura’
‘Sakura’ is the Japanese word for cherry blossom, which blooms for a very short period in early spring.

The biggest feature of Sakura is that it is the largest Purple Pink Diamond ever exhibited at auction.

Along with this, it has now become the best-selling diamond of purple-pink diamonds. Diamonds are auctioned off by fixing in a platinum ring.

People are also saying ‘fancy vivid’
The world’s largest purple-pink diamond sakura is also called ‘fancy vivid’. That means a brighter color, which is only found in 4% pink diamonds.

Information regarding the diamond auction is provided by Auction House Christie’s. Vicky Sack, chair of Christina’s jewelry department, called the sale “an important chapter in the history of jewelry auctions,” according to Christina.

That’s why Sakura is special
Sakura is also different from the rest of the diamonds in that it is quite large in size. According to Christie, less than 10 percent of pink diamonds weigh more than a fifth of a carat. While Sakura weighs eight times more than this.

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The purple-pink diamond broke the record
Let us say that this is the second time in a year that a purple-pink diamond has been auctioned. Last year, a 14.8 carat diamond called ‘The Spirit of the Rose’ was auctioned. The diamond was auctioned for Rs 196 crore. This time BK Sakura Diamond has also broken his record. Along with Karat, this Sakura also surpassed in terms of price.

According to experts, it is not necessary to increase the price due to the necessary low carats, it is very important for diamonds to have good quality, cut and clarity.

Let me tell you that earlier in 2017, a 59.6 carat pink diamond was sold for Rs 522 crore, which was bought by Goldsmith Choi Tai. He has named this diamond ‘CTF Pink Star’.

Sakura Purple Pink Diamond Purple-Pink Diamond Rare Diamond Hong Kong Diamond Auction

Sakura Purple Pink Diamond Purple-Pink Diamond Rare Diamond Hong Kong Diamond Auction

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