The US advises against traveling to Japan and Sri Lanka due to Covid-19

A variety of coronavirus infections are also found in all vaccinated travelers.

And Washington Washington. United States health officials and the Department of the Interior have advised their citizens not to travel to Japan and Sri Lanka due to a growing coronavirus infection. Importantly, Japan will host the Olympic Games in two months. At the same time, cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly in Sri Lanka.

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Rethinking to participate in the Olympic Games

U.S. citizens are not barred from traveling to Japan, but this could lead to a reconsideration of athletes participating in the Olympic Games starting in July. The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday issued new guidelines regarding the corona virus, saying travelers should avoid traveling to Japan. Given the current situation in Japan, all vaccine-carrying passengers are also thought to be infected with different types of coronavirus.

Four-day ban

Significantly, the number of cases and deaths from the corona virus has been steadily rising. Sri Lanka has imposed a four-day ban on the operation of passenger trains and buses. The move comes after the government was asked by major medical institutions to impose a two-week lockdown in the country.

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Three times the actual number

The actual number of coronavirus infections is more than three times higher, according to these organizations. Sri Lanka has already banned public ceremonies, parties and weddings. Schools and universities have already been closed. The total number of infections in Sri Lanka is 1,54,786, according to the health ministry. At the same time, the epidemic has killed 1,089 people.

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