The third dose is important against Covid-19, the CEO of Modern said – the CEO of Modern also made the third dose mandatory, effective in protecting against new types of Corona

The third dose of the vaccine should be given to all those who work with special risk, the CEO said.

The biggest problem for scientists in the fight against the Washington Corona is the mutation in the virus. Corona viruses change from time to time with new variants. It is becoming more lethal than ever with this variable. In such a scenario, Stafel Banksell, chief executive (CEO) of Cora vaccine manufacturer Moderna, has issued a statement to protect against these new strains of the Covid-19 virus.

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Indeed, Bansal said Sunday that a third dose of the vaccine as a booster shot was needed to protect against new types of corona. More and more people need to apply this booster dose.

The third dose is required for those working at risk

Banksell told the media that the threat of new strains of the corona virus is increasing. In such cases, our vaccine may be effective for a certain period of time. This is the reason why we should give a third dose of vaccine by the end of summer to all those working with special risk. Such as health workers working at the hospital, who took the first dose earlier this year.

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Mortality may increase

In addition, Bensell said the weaker people, adolescents and young people who have not been vaccinated should also be given a booster supplement. With this, he warned that a delay of more than two months in vaccination could lead to an increase in the number of hospitalized patients and deaths. In this way the fourth wave can also come.

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