The popular YouTube video will set up a viral auction at once as NFT. – The 14-year-old YouTube video will be sold as NFT art

The video, titled ‘Charlie byte My Finger Again’, went viral on YouTube and other social media in 2007.

The 14-year-old YouTube video will be sold as NXT Art

The first video was uploaded to the video platform YouTube by its co-founder Javed Karim, which was launched in February 2005. In April 2000, he uploaded a 15-second video of the ’15m ‘zoo, which was viewed by 13.5 million (165 million) people as of May 13, 2021. Social media was not very fast then and very few videos were uploaded and went viral.

Another 55-second video was ‘Charlie Through My Finger Again’ (the once popular viral video “Charlie Beat My Finger..Azain”) which went viral on YouTube and other social media in 2007. This picture shows two brothers. Both Harry and Charlie Davis-Car siblings have now decided to sell the video as an NXT artwork (non-funky token or NFT).

The auction has started from 14th May
Recently, after turning 14 years old, the brothers started online auction of this clip from 14th May. YouTube will officially remove the original clip from its platform as soon as a buyer is found. The clip has been viewed 61 million (61 million) times on YouTube so far, and more than 2.2 million people have liked it. In this video, Harry was 3 years old and Charlie was 1 year old.

NXT buyers who bought the clip will also get the right to create their own version of this video with the main actors (Harry and Charlie). They both believe that this clip of theirs could be an NXT property for meme and video developers today. Earlier, the video ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ was also bought by 3F music company NXT for 3 crores (4 411,000). Elon Musk also sold one of his NXTs for Rs 42 crore (420 million).

Auction Digital Art Javed Karim Likes NFT Social Media Show More

Auction Digital Art Likes Javed Karim NFT Social Media Viral Video Youtube

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