The Chief Minister of Pak Sindh said, stop the salaries of the employees who did not get vaccinated

The order was issued by Pakistan’s Sindh province CM Murad Ali Shah during a meeting on transition.

Lahore. The chief minister of Pakistan’s Sindh province on Thursday sternly instructed officials that their salaries would be withheld from July if government employees did not receive the corona vaccine. The order was issued by CM Murad Ali Shah during a meeting on the transition.

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According to Shah, July pay will be cut for government employees who do not get vaccinated. According to officials, instructions have been issued to the finance ministry in this regard. The Sindh government has already fixed June as the last date for vaccination of all teachers in the province so that all educational institutions can be opened from June.

Claim to make a home vaccine

Pakistan claims to have developed a domestic vaccine for the corona virus. His name is Pakvek. It has also been launched during a ceremony on Tuesday. Information about this vaccine was given to Dr. Faisal Sultan. Sultan Pak is also a health adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan. Earlier, Pakistan had sought vaccines from China and Russia. However, the effectiveness of the vaccine has not yet been announced.

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According to Sultan, we have prepared our vaccine. We will start mass production in a few days. Speaking to the media on the occasion of the launch of the vaccine, Dr. Faisal Sultan said – It is necessary for our country that we should prepare our own domestic vaccine. We will start mass production soon.

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