The actual death toll from the corona could be three times higher: the WHO

The World Health Organization, in its annual report of global health data, said the actual number of deaths caused by corona could be between 6 and 8 million.

New Delhi. The whole world is under the influence of corona infection and so far millions have died, while millions have been infected. Two years after the outbreak of the virus, millions of new cases are reported every day, while thousands are dying.

In such a situation, the number of deaths due to corona is now a topic of discussion in many countries of the world. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization says official data on deaths due to covid are still available, which is actually two to three times higher.

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According to official data available so far, 4.4 million people have died due to corona, according to the WHO. In its annual report on global health statistics, the World Health Organization says the actual number of deaths caused by corona could be between 6 and 8 million.

More than 30 million deaths in 2020

The WHO said in its annual report that at least 30 million people died due to corona in 2020 or last year, 1.2 million more people than in official figures.

“The number of deaths from corona is directly or indirectly much lower than actual figures,” the report said. “The actual death toll will be two to three times higher. I can clearly say that if properly assessed, the figure will rise to between 60 and 80 lakh,” said Samira Asma, the organisation’s assistant managing director.

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The World Health Organization says there could be a number of reasons why official figures are not available. The WHO said many people died before the covidia was confirmed at the time of the epidemic, which cannot be included in the data.

Apart from this, many countries at that time did not have any proper procedure and system to record official death statistics. Millions of deaths have not been reported in such cases.

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