Sri Lanka bans operation of trains and buses to control coronavirus – Sri Lanka bans operation of passenger trains and buses for four days

The government decided to take control of Corona’s affairs. For this, special discussions were held with the leading medical institutions of the country.

Sri Lanka has suspended the operation of passenger trains and buses for four days to curb the rising number of Colombo Covid-19 cases and deaths. Along with this, new travel restrictions have been imposed across the country.

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There are no restrictions on people engaging in essential services

These restrictions apply from Friday night to Tuesday morning. However, there will be no restrictions on people connected to essential services such as health, food and electricity. The government has spoken to the country’s major medical institutions before taking the step. It was concluded that the lockdown would be enforced in the country for two weeks. These organizations say that the true number of cases of coronavirus infection is three times higher than this figure.

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Public ceremonies were completely banned

Sri Lanka has already imposed a complete ban on public ceremonies, parties and weddings. Schools and universities have been built. According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of confirmed cases of infection in Sri Lanka has reached 1,54,786. At the same time, the epidemic has killed 1,089 people.

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