Scientists Made Inexpensive Oxygen Concentrator – Scientists Made Inexpensive Oxygen Concentrator, Three Liters Of Oxygen Will Be Ready In One Minute

Possibility of preparing 3 liters / min of oxygen.
In no time, an oxygen concentrator called OxyCon can take oxygen from the atmosphere.

Scientists have made a cheap oxygen concentrator, three liters of oxygen will be ready in a minute

Hitesh Sharma

Bhopal. In the second corona wave, there is continued death of patients due to lack of oxygen. In such a situation, research by the Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research (ISER) brought news of relief. Four faculty members from two departments of Eicer trained an oxygen concentrator. It’s called Oxycon.

Where the cost of the oxygen concentrator found in the market is thirty to forty thousand rupees, the cost of the concentrator here is less than twenty thousand rupees. That’s three liters of oxygen per minute. This oxygen is 93% pure. Iser is in talks with various companies about its industrial manufacture. This will allow the central government, state government and private hospitals to reduce the cost of treatment. The team of scientists had been doing research for three months.

Dr Mitradip Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Dr Sujit Pedda and Dr Shantanu Talukdar and Dr Vekantesh Rao from the Department of Chemical Engineering were included in the research team. Dr Bhattacharya said that in the second wave, patients need more oxygen support compared to the first corona wave. There is a shortage of oxygen across the country. An oxygen concentrator is required in all states. Patients will initially benefit from Oxicon.

Using zeolite … According to Dr. Bhattacharya, the team packed it with zeolite. The timing sequences in two zeolite columns have been used in such a way that they do an alternate job. Here we have developed the time sequence microprocessor circuit. This material draws oxygen from the air. Five to seven valves are typically used in oxygen concentrators. We only used two valves. This reduced its cost. It is also faster than other hubs.

Now portable devices are ready
Dr Bhattacharya said that during research Oxycon was used continuously for two to three hours. It can draw oxygen from the atmosphere for such a long time. Oxicon is much lighter than other concentrators. Now a portable device is being prepared, which can be carried in the hand.

Shiva Umapathi, Director of Open Source … ICER stated that the certificate was received from ICMR. We will not be donating this painting to any specific company. This technology will remain open source. Iser wants more and more companies to manufacture it.

Call for newspaper
Oxygen is needed to stop breathing. Therefore, the magazine calls on government and industry to come forward to bring the benefits of Eisar discovery to the needy. Large-scale production of Oxycon is expected to start soon.

oxycon oxygen concentrator oxygen cylinder oxygen supply

oxycon oxygen concentrator oxygen cylinder oxygen supply

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