Remedy for cleansing the face and pores

Cleansing the face and pores: – The dirt that accumulates on the face and pores affects your beauty. Oils and blemishes appear on the skin. So you clean it by home remedy. So the glow will be seen on the face too.

Dirt and oil often accumulate in the face and pores. Due to which it is not cleaned, there are scars on the face. In such cases, it is necessary to take some home remedies to keep our skin clean and healthy. By doing this remedy with natural remedy, our skin will get wonderful glow.

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Use yogurt

Yogurt acts as a kind of natural cleanser for the skin. Make a paste by mixing yoghurt in chickpea flour and apply it on the face. Leave it on for at least half an hour or until it dries. Then rinse with water. Your skin will also be cleansed and it will also glow.

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Use soda –

Soda is used in the preparation of many things at home. Make a paste by mixing baking soda with lukewarm water. Apply it on your face and leave on for half an hour. Then take some water in your hand and massage in a circular motion. If you do this two to three times a week, the face will be well cleansed and a glow will also be seen on the face.

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Use green tea

Green tea is very beneficial for the skin. Make a paste by mixing two teaspoons of gram flour and rose water in green tea powder. Apply this paste on the skin. When it dries well, wash it off with water. This will clean your face and pores very well.

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Take hot water steam

To clean the face and pores, it is necessary that you take hot water steam once or twice a week. Taking steam cleans the dirt that accumulates on the face and also opens the pores.

Use tomatoes

The use of tomato is very beneficial for the face. You can use tomato pulp as a toner. This remedy will make your skin glow in a few days.

Use cucumber-

Cucumber is beneficial for both your skin and health. You can eat cucumber. Which is beneficial for health and you apply it lightly on the screen, then it removes facial scars and moisturizes the face. This will soften your skin and also clear the pores and facial dirt.

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