Pregnancy Care and Corona – Pregnancy: Don’t panic if you have corona, you can get well at home.

Pregnant women are vulnerable, so they need more protection from the corona, says research from Oxford University. Because of this, the baby is more likely to become infected at the time of delivery with the woman.

Pregnancy: Don’t panic when you have corona, it can be treated at home.

How to avoid getting pregnant by infection
Avoid going to the hospital again and again. If necessary, talk to your doctor on mobile.
Wear two masks if you want to go out. Take a shower immediately after coming out, wash clothes.
If going out, do not touch your nose, mouth and eyes with your hands. Stay away from sick people.
In the 12th and 19th week of pregnancy, someone has to go to the hospital for a blood test and ultrasound. Then go only in the 32nd week.
Do not take mild complaints of colds, flu, or shortness of breath during pregnancy. Do not take any medicine from your mind.
Eat more whole grains and sprouts. It is high in protein. Infection is prevented. Eat little. Vomiting will not occur.
Do not exercise, but keep strolling indoors or on the terrace several times a day. Also meditate. It also makes the mind better.
Now due to the corona, normal delivery is getting b. For those who have a problem or delivery before 34 weeks, then they are given by cesarean.
Avoid going to the hospital if you feel sick or anxious. Talk to the doctor on the phone. If there is severe pain in the abdomen, bleeding, watery discharge or more swelling in the legs, go to the hospital with medical advice.
If the corona is infected …
Don’t panic or run to the hospital when the test is positive. Treat with the advice of your doctor. Most patients recover at home.
Do not give yourself any medicine. Before taking any medication or supplement, consult a doctor. Avoid eating hot items.
Continue to take vitamin C and zinc in a healthy diet. Also do light lung exercises.
Stay alone in the room and check fever and oxygen levels every 6 hours. If the fever is not going down or the oxygen level is going down, tell the doctor.
Whether or not the corona will harm the fetus. It has not been confirmed.
There was also no confirmation that the newborn could be infected at the time of delivery.
Breastfeeding does not spread coronary heart disease. Corona’s infected mother can also take care of the baby by wearing a mask.

Pregnancy Care Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Care Pregnancy Tips

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