Nora Al Matrooshi to be the first Arab woman in space

Nora Al Matrushi: The UAE’s first Arab woman has been included in its ambitious space program.

Recently, the UAE government included 27-year-old engineer Nora Al Matrushi for her ambitious space mission. With this, Nora became the first Arab astronaut in her country and in the world. He was selected from over 4,305 applicants. Nora is now one step away from being part of this historic group of female astronauts who entered space. So far, only 65 female astronauts have traveled to space.

Mohammed Al Mulla, a 33-year-old compatriot with Al Matrushi, will accompany him on this trip. Together, the UAE now has a total of 4 astronauts. The other two are Hazza Al Mansuri and Sultan Al Neyadi. Matrushi and Mulla will now train at NASA for the next 30 months as part of the UAE Astronaut Program, thanks to the Muhammad bin Rashid Space Center.

This will be included in the training
-Space walking training
-Language training in particular the Russian language
-Training in the onboard system of the International Space Station
-Also manned vehicle information
-Research and control of space flight
-To take the mission in low earth orbit
-Added the habit of staying on the International Space Station for a long time
Survival in complex conditions, etc.

The first woman to enter space in 1963
This historic journey of female astronauts into space began on June 16, 1963. Valentina Tereshkova of Russia became the world’s first and youngest astronaut at the age of 26. Not only that, he is also the only “Solo Space Traveler” in the world. During the mission, he studied the effects on the human body while traveling in space. During the mission, he also piloted the vehicle manually.

First spacewalk and first woman to go twice
Russian astronaut Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya was the second woman in the world to enter space on behalf of the USSR (Soviet Union). He did so in 1982. She became the world’s first female astronaut to take part in another mission in 1984, after having traveled to space twice. Not only that, the honor of doing the world’s first “Women’s Space Walk” is also in Svetlana’s name.

The first American astronaut
America has always lagged behind Russia in the space program race. The same was true of female astronauts. However, in 1983, American astronaut Sally Ride also filled this shortage.
Physicist trick
As the third astronaut in the world and the first American astronaut, 38 years ago he wrote his country’s name in history. Sally was a physicist by profession.

The world’s first female pilot and the only space shuttle commander
None of the passengers who went into space before 1995 were given mission command. In addition, none of them received the status of pilot of the space shuttle. However, on February 2, 1995, responsibility for the pilot and commander of the NASA Discovery vehicle was first assigned to Colonel Aileen Collins, an American-American astronaut. It was a glorious day in the history of the 32-year-old astronauts.

Teacher in Space Project: First Death
Christa, a high school teacher, was chosen by NASA itself for NASA’s “Teacher in Space” mission. But on January 28, 1986, all 6 crew members, including Krista, were killed in the crash of NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger.

First Indian
‘Udaan’ by Kalpana and ‘Space Marathon’ by Sunita
In 1984, Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian citizen to reach space. In 1997, Kalpana Chawla became the first American-Indian citizen to travel to space aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia. She joined the team as a mission specialist. Kalpana, died in a shuttle crash in 2003 while returning from another mission.

Sunita became the second Indian woman
Sunita Williams is the second female traveler of Indian origin to go to space. Her name was the first female record to stay in space the longest. She made 7 spacewalks. August She is the first woman in the world to run a space marathon in 2007.

First walk in All Woman space
Lt. Col. Anne McClain is the first astronaut to be on a space station as a crew member on two separate missions. Her teammate Christina Koch is the longest-serving astronaut of 2019. She also did the world’s first “All Woman Space Walk” with Jessica Mir.

DNA sequenced in space
Viral pathologist Kate Rubins holds a doctorate in cancer biology. He is the first person in the world to successfully discover the exact sequence of the DNA sequence in surface gravity during his first mission in 2016. The test is expected to allow scientists to sequence the DNA of living organisms in space.

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