Nira Tanden, of Indian descent, has been appointed a senior adviser to US President Joe Biden at the White House.

Nira Tandon, of Indian descent, became a senior adviser to US President Joe Biden

New Delhi. All over the world, Indians are indulging their talents. Once again, Indians have made the country famous with their talents. US President Joe Biden has given priority to the Indian people in many senior positions in his administration, the most important of which is Kamala Harris, elected by the Vice President.

Continuing the same pattern, President Joe Biden has now handed over important responsibilities to Nira Tanden of Indian descent. Biden has named Nira Tandon as a senior adviser to the White House.

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President Joe Biden’s lone cabinet candidate, Nira Tanden, who was rejected by Congress, has been named a senior White House adviser. He was chosen by Biden to lead the administration and budget, but withdrew his nomination in March: US media

– ANI (OANI) May 14, 2021

US President Joe Biden is constantly adding people of Indian descent to his team. In this episode, he has also handed over the responsibility of White House to Nira Tandon.

In fact, even before that, Nira had been given a major role in the Biden government. Tandon was named director of management and budget for the White House office.

However, there was strong opposition to Nira’s name at the time, after which Nira Tandon withdrew her own nomination.

John Podesta, founder of the Center for American Progress, said in a statement that “pure intelligence, hard work and a political outlook will be important for the Biden administration.”

However, Podesta said that we will remember his expertise and leadership in CAP, which was formed in 2003.

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Also in contact with Hillary Clinton and Obama
Nira has been a favorite of many veteran politicians due to her work and talent. She has been a close ally of former US Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.
Tandon helped the Obama administration pass the Affordable Care Act.

Proud day
“The prospect of Nira Tandon being nominated for a cabinet-level post in the next administration is another proud day for Indian-Americans,” said MR Rangaswamy, founder of the non-profit organization IndiaSpora.

Their responsibility will be huge. There is no doubt now that our community has become very strong politically.

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