NASA says the first successful flight of our Mars helicopter has arrived

The clever helicopter that landed on Mars with the US space agency NASA’s Prevention Rover has made a new history by flying.

NASA makes history, clever helicopter first flight from Mars

Delhi. The Ingenetic helicopter that landed on Mars with NASA’s Prevention Rover has made history by flying. Not only in the United States, but all over the world, this helicopter was called the Red Planet on Tuesday, so there was an atmosphere of excitement to fly. Many NASA channels also broadcast this historic event to the public. Let me tell you that this helicopter was built after six years of hard work.

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Note that the helipad from which the Ingenity helicopter landed was built at the Jijero Center on Mars. Let me tell you, this is the first time a helicopter has flown to a planet other than Earth. The entire mission is being performed directly by NASA’s California-based Jeet Propulsion Laboratory. According to scientists, Mars needs an Enginity helicopter because the ground there is so rough that the orbiter cannot take a clear picture from a height. Also the rover can’t go in every corner. In that case, a smart helicopter is the best option.

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Earlier, NASA had said that the helicopter team was reviewing the telemetry to investigate and understand the issue, after which it would reschedule the full speed test. If NASA succeeds in its mission, it will be the first helicopter flight to another planet outside of Earth. That is why it is considered a historic flight. Helicopters will be used to search for undesirable aspects of Mars. NASA had earlier released a picture of it.

NASA Mars Mars Mission

NASA Mars Mars Mission

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