Most vaccinated nation in the world, Seychelles sees increased tourism – Russia offers vaccine tourism to weather recession

Prepare for vaccine tourism, the United States, Russia and Myanmar also in the race

Seychelles, a country in East Africa, has reopened its borders to tourism and has also allowed air travel. In fact, Seychelles is the first country in the world to have the highest population with the Corona vaccine. The economy of this beautiful country in the Indian Ocean archipelago depends on tourism. This is the reason why the continued decline in tourism due to Corona has severely affected the country’s economy. This is why the budget deficit is expected to fall to 15.3% of GDP this year. At the same time, the country’s debt is equivalent to around 100% of its GDP. This is the reason why the Seychelles have now turned to vaccine tourism.

What is vaccine tourism
“Vaccine tourism” has been in vogue since last year. During the first wave of Corona, many tour operators were reportedly offered trips to the United States last year. In this package, in addition to traveling to the United States between two doses of the vaccine, other benefits were also offered. Around the world, it has emerged as a new version of tourist travel, which provides both vaccines and luxury vacation vaccines to tourists.

Growing trend in these countries
Countries like India and Thailand are among the most common countries for medical or cosmetic surgery. After Corona, many European tour operators are now offering the Turism vaccine in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and the Maldives. Recently, San Marino, a small republic in central Europe, welcomed its first group of vaccinated tourists last week. It consisted of a group of four people from Latvia. The group became the first team to take advantage of the Sputnik V Kovid-19 vaccine vacation package within 26 hours. The United States and Russia are also encouraging this trend with vaccine passports and vaccine tourism. Russia and the Maldives have been working since last year to offer such a set of packages allowing vaccination when traveling abroad. Its trend is also increasing in America.

People using tourism to get vaccinated
People also like to travel to other countries to get vaccinated. People in South Africa are reportedly traveling to Zimbabwe to have the vaccine installed. While Canadians and South American citizens travel to the United States for their vaccinations. Tour operators in Europe also offer a trip to Russia for the Sputnik V vaccines.

Difference between vaccine passport and vaccine tourism
Vaccine passports are a regulated legal process that is increasingly popular around the world. But there is a difference between vaccine tourism and vaccine passports. A vaccination passport is actually a type of document that proves that a person traveling to a country has been vaccinated with Kovid-19 in their country. It has now made it easier for people to travel to other countries. Some versions of the vaccination passport in other countries also show that the passenger has been tested for corona before the flight and the result is negative. Many airlines, industry groups, nonprofits, and tech companies are working on vaccine passports that people can access in their smartphones, apps, or digital wallets.

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