Most people in the White House remove their masks and hug each other

In a formal ceremony, a visiting head of state was welcomed to the White House.

Things seem normal in Washington, USA. Here, the rigidity of the Covid-19 does not look the same as before. Officials were seen giving a warm welcome to guests at a recent White House event. During this time, no rules were followed regarding Corona.

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Handshake welcomed

The heads of state were greeted with a formal handshake. The 94-year-old recipient of the Medal of Honor from Vice President Kamala Harris was seen hugging happily. It is noteworthy that recently, US President Joe Biden announced that those who have been vaccinated by Corona. They can come out without a mask. They don’t need any social distance. Since then, the environment here seems to have changed.

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This is an indication of how the effects of the global epidemic in the United States are diminishing. “We’re back,” White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie announced at a regular news conference Friday. “I can confirm that we are warm and we like to come here,” he said.

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