Mehul Choksi’s wife Preeti accuses Antigua-sponsored disappearance episode

Mehul Choksi’s wife said that it is not possible that Barbara Jabrika does not know the real identity of Mehul Choksi as even a child sees the identities of his friends on the internet. She blamed the government for her husband’s disappearance.

New Delhi. Mehul Choksi’s wife Preeti Choksi said on Thursday that her businessman husband’s disappearance and return from Antigua, following claims by “alleged girlfriend” Babra Jabrika – was part of a government-sponsored conspiracy. Preity Zinta further said that now the conspiracy has failed as Prime Minister Gaston Brownie’s “lies” have been exposed.

Referring to Barbara’s claim that she had never been to Dominica, Preity said, “The story of moving from Dominica to Cuba is nothing more than a failed Google search with the Dominican Republic and the people of the Commonwealth Dominica.” The Commonwealth is on the opposite side of Dominica and the Dominican Republic. “

In fact, the Antigua Prime Minister had earlier claimed that Mehul Choksi may have gone to Dominica with his girlfriend. Contrary to what happened to Mehul Choksi and how he got to Dominica, Dominica has now declared the trader a banned immigrant.

What did Preeti Choksi say?

Preity Zinta refuted Barbara Jabrika’s claim that Mehul befriended her under a false name. Preeti Patni said that in this age of technology, her identity can be confirmed on social media.

He also questioned why CCTV footage of Jolly Harbor’s abduction was not found. If he was going to Dominica, why would he keep his passport, car key behind?

What did Barbara Jabrika say?

Barbara Jabrika has said that she has known Mehul Choksi as Raj since August. In the multi-crore scam, the businessman wanted to get involved in the diamond business. Barbara also said that she was not his girlfriend. Barbara also said that once Mehul Choksi talked to her about Cuba, but it was nothing like a plan to escape.

What does Mehul Choksi say?

Mehul Choksi said he was abducted on the evening of May 23 and named several people, including Barbara, Gurjit Bhandal and Narendrasinh. Choksi said he was taken on a yacht on the evening of May 23. At 10 a.m. on May 24, he was handed over to the Dominica Coast Guard on a boat.

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