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Yoga also includes meditation and pranayama. They cannot be separated from each other. Yoga is formed by combining all these. Yoga is not just a workout. It is essential for the overall development of our personality. Where body, mind, self and consciousness also take place.

Form Meditation: Meditation is the process of relaxing the mind

What is meditation
Meditation is not just a thoughtless situation or thinking of anything. Moving beyond thoughts is also meditation. In normal days, about 70-75 thousand thoughts come to everyone’s mind.
Why is important
When more negative things start to come, we get trapped in thoughts. Now the negativity in death, its fear, stress, etc. has increased from Corona. When we sleep, wake up and sit with these thoughts, the mind is not happy even after getting enough sleep. Meditation is necessary to keep the mind healthy and happy.
Relax the mind by meditating
Sleeping or resting relaxes the body. Having thoughts always in the mind does not bring relief. Meditation relaxes the mind. Meditation takes the mind beyond thoughts. The mind gets rest. Only then do positive thoughts come to mind. The mind is a means by which everything can be conquered.
Breathing varies from mood to mood
When we laugh or cry or do something, it also changes the state of breathing. Lack of oxygen in the body is seen by changing the position of breathing when we are under stress. Similarly, staying positive gives the body more oxygen. So be happy.
Two types of meditation
The first, in which we surrender ourselves to the Guru. We do as He guides. Second, we practice on our own after learning. You can do this in two ways. Chant one mantra 108 times in the morning and another self discussion therapy.
Don’t forget to move on from things
If you want to forget something, it is remembered again and again. So get away from the idea instead of forgetting it. Chant any of the best mantras from the religion you come from. Chant it 108 times in the morning and evening. The mind will get rest.
Self-discussion therapy
In it, talk to yourself positively for at least two minutes every day. It also has two postures. First, close your eyes and take three to four long breaths – then thank God for paying attention to your breathing. Second, stand in front of the mirror and ask God to bring His qualities into you. Give thanks for each day.
Acharya Pratishtha, Senior Yoga and Meditation Specialist, New Delhi

Meditation morning meditation

Meditation morning meditation

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