Mali’s military chief and prime minister arrested – Mali’s military dominates, PM and defense minister arrested along with interim president

Interim President B.A. Nadou, Prime Minister Moktor Owen and Defense Minister Suleiman Doukaure have been arrested.

Bamako. Attempts have been made to revolt in Mali like last year. The Army has appointed interim President B.A. Nadou has arrested PM Moktar Ouan and Defense Minister Suleiman Doukaur. The new government was announced on Monday.

Significantly, this government, which has been in power for 8 months, faced many challenges. Last year, a retired army officer B.A. Nadou scored. There is a growing demand for holding elections here soon.

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Special forces engaged in security did not protest

According to media reports, Mali’s soldiers arrested the interim president and the country’s prime minister and took them to a cut-off military camp near the capital. During this time, special forces engaged in the protection of the President did not protest. The army took them away.

The president, prime minister and defense minister were taken to a military base outside the capital, Bamako. Significantly, President Ibrahim Baubakar Keita and PM Baubo Seas were overthrown after a military coup in August. There is an atmosphere of uncertainty in the West African country after this arrest.

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An atmosphere of uncertainty in the country since last year

The president has been facing opposition since May last year. At the time, the country’s Supreme Court had rejected the results of the disputed parliamentary elections. The army chief and prime minister were later detained. Many senior officers were taken prisoner. The army was on the roads at that time. The political climate in Mali has been bad since last year. The military continues to interfere in administrative service here. In early 2012, the country’s army was successfully overthrown. Along with the US, many countries, including Russia and France, are monitoring the situation in Mali.

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