Keep these things in mind if you are going to unlock outside the house

Unlock security tips: – As soon as unlock starts, people start coming out of their houses. If you also go out of the house. So take special care of some things so that you stay healthy and safe.

The unlocking process soon subsided, like Corona’s wreckage. Now people are coming out of their homes again. If you also go out of the house. So there are a few things to keep in mind. So that you can avoid any kind of infection.

According to the information received, the destruction of the corona has definitely decreased a little. But there are still cases of corona coming up in many cities. So you’re going out of the house. So take full care of safety. Because soon you will reach a crowded area. There is a risk of re-infection. It is being said that a third wave of corona may also occur. So we have to strictly follow the Kovid protocol.

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Just come out wearing a mask –

In unlock, people have started coming out of the house. If you also go out of the house for some work or office fees. So you just came out with the mask on. Also keep in mind when applying the mask that it fits properly on the nose and mouth. Because it is as good as it was. The risk of infection will be higher.

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Eat and drink only after washing hands

You are leaving home. So keep in mind that as far as possible, do not touch your hand here and there. Do not touch your nose and mouth even if you are applying and whenever you eat or drink something, eat it only after washing your hands with soap. That is, you have to take full care of security.

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Also keep a distance in office fees-

If you are going to .fees. So try to keep a distance of 2 yards from people. Talk from a distance, don’t shake hands and say hello. Because the more people you stay away from, the safer you will be.

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Avoid crowded and lined places

Due to the opening of the market after a long time, many markets are getting very crowded and there are lines in many places. If you go to the market too. So try not to go in crowded places, avoid standing in lines. If you are going out of the house, come home immediately after completing your important work.

Use a mask like this-

Use the N95 mask whenever possible. Some people wear two masks. If you wear a cloth mask. So wash them after coming home. Do not apply the same mask again after coming out.

Do most of the work online

If you have to pay any kind of bills. Like light bill, tape bill, TV etc., then you just do it online. That is, you can do any work sitting at home. Just do them online. So you avoid going to crowded places. If you have difficulty making payments online. So learn that. This saves you the trouble of going out and standing in queues.

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