Is it possible to get black fungus without Covid-19 infection? Expert answers

Rising cases of black fungus across the country during the second wave of corona have also raised concerns. In such a situation, it is natural to raise the question that a person who has not been infected with corona before may also have black fungus. Let us know what the experts say.

New Delhi. During the second wave of corona in the country, cases of mucormycosis i.e. black fungus which came quickly have raised concerns. There is also growing concern among people that people have not yet been infected with the corona, but they may have black fungus. Experts warn that this is possible and that people with high blood sugar need to be careful.

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In this regard, Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Commission, said, “This is an infection that existed even before Kovid. Medical students are taught that the disease infects people infected with diabetes.” Whose diabetes is uncontrolled. Uncontrolled diabetes and other major diseases can lead to black fungus. “

Explaining the severity of diabetes in black fungal infections, Dr. Paul said that when blood sugar levels reach 700-800 (this condition is medically known as diabetic ketoacidosis), black fungus attacks are common in the elderly or children. .

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Dr Paul said, “Other diseases like pneumonia make the situation worse. Now, covid is present which has its own effect. It is followed by the use of steroids. Together they have worsened the situation, but in short words it is. If other conditions are present, mav curumicosis can occur without cavities. “

At the same time, Dr. Nikhil Tandon of AIIMS said that healthy people do not have to worry about the infection, only those people who have increased immunity.

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He added, “It may be that the second wave of the epidemic has attacked the covid variants with more immunity than the first wave, which is why so many cases of mucormycosis are occurring. Nothing can be said with certainty. “

Notably, the number of black fungus cases in Haryana rose to 398 on Sunday, with a maximum of 147 cases reported in Gurugram. Four died due to black fungus in Kerala, while Uttarakhand declared an epidemic of mucormycosis. A case of white fungus has come to light in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh on Saturday, which doctors have described as curable and normal.

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