How to hide the location of your metadata in photos – What is a “metadata location”? Why is it important to hide

Do you also make this mistake when sharing photos on social networks

Uploading your photos to social media is a regular routine for young people. But most young people don’t know that thanks to these photos, cybercriminals can also get their real location and other important information. In fact, on some photos there is metadata, which can be used to track you online, where that photo was taken. But you can also hide this metadata location before uploading your photo. Let’s know how to protect the location of hidden metadata in a photo-

01.-When we share a photo with our Android phone on social networks or Messenger app, the phone’s server also uploads the date of the photo, the location of the photo taken and the time.

02.-This information can be located in the “Exif metadata” of the hidden files of the said photo. It is an effective tool that can be gauged from the fact that it is useful in helping to sort any user’s photos based on the location on the photo.

03. – Recently some companies like Apple and Xiaomi have learned this fact and also brought new functions to help users hide this information when sharing. However, Android users still need to download a special “ The Scrambled-Exif ” app to hide this information. This app, just like its name, hides photo data from cyber thieves using sudo random algorithm. Only the user can open this information from the secret key obtained by the algorithm.

Here’s how to protect metadata
04. – Users just need to tap the share icon as they normally do, but instead of sending a photo or video directly, start by sharing your photo with this ‘Scrambled Exigif’ app. This app will remove the hidden metadata files in the photo or video and bring the user back to share option. The good thing about the app is that it is open source, completely free of trackers, better and also free. Those who wish to give financial aid to those who do, will only see four different payment options on the official Google Playstore, through which you can donate online.

Here’s how to install an app
05. Besides the Google Play Store, the “Scrambled Exif” app can also be downloaded from the “F-Droid” alternative Android store. Only the free version of the software is available here. For iOS 13, Apple automatically gives its users the choice to share their metadata while sharing photos.

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