How to cancel unwanted noise with Zoom Krisp

Working at home is now part of our daily life. Including the free and paid service of Zoom, 300 million people participate in daily meetings on Zoom all over the world. In addition, this is a 2900% increase after December 31, 2019.

When we work from home, we often don’t hear important things due to unwanted noise in zoom meetings. Understanding this user problem, Zoom has now brought a new free Crisp tool. It helps you focus by blocking out unwanted noise.

What is a “crunchy” tool
During meetings, prevents unwanted noise from babies, barking of pets, typing on the keyboard and squeaking of ceiling fans, coolers or traffic. This is a free built-in noise cancellation function.

Will also be able to block sound from others

Not only that, Crisp also allows you to cancel noise from other members involved in the video conference. It acts as an intermediary between your microphone input and the video conferencing tool. Uses algorithms to detect and cancel noise. The good thing is that this free tool not only supports Zoom, but also many other popular conferencing platforms including Teams, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, and Webex. If you are not using any of these applications, there is also a “Other Applications” option for other video conferencing application services.

define a free tool like this
Visit the Crisp site and register. After that, another page will open. From here you can download the Crisp Tool. Open the downloaded file and install it. After installation, you will be able to control Crisp from a small control panel in the notification bar. From there, select your microphone and speaker output to use for noise cancellation. You can also test with a 15 second sample voice. Now set Crisp as the mediator in the video conferencing tool.

Open your Zoom client and go to Settings. Here under Audio Settings, go to the Microphone drop-down menu and select Crisp Microphone. You can also use it for your speaker or headphone output to cancel unwanted noise from other users. After applying the settings, make a Zoom call. Other colleagues will be able to hear your voice more clearly. But the company will only offer this free version for a fixed limit of 240 minutes per week. For paid and unlimited use, opt for the Crisp’s Personal Pro package which starts at around Rs 361 per month.

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