Have you tried these cool features in your Android Zoom app

Now your zoom toolbox also has the annotation option.

In the era of the Corona pandemic, video calling and online meeting rooms have become a necessity from the business sector to the digital classroom. In Zoom, Google Meat and other countries, the dependence on other video calling apps similar to these apps is increasing. Recently, Zoom has also added new features to its platform. These can be found by updating them on desktop and mobile. Let’s know these features-

01. Emoji Reaction – During the meeting you will now be able to give a reaction via emoji. In the update version, the Reaction button has been added at the very bottom right of the screen. The special thing is that Zoom has added new emoji and colors so that you can express yourself better.

02. Vanishing Pain Annotation – When we share something on screen during a meeting, sometimes we want to focus on a particular place or content. For this you now also have the option of annotation in your zoom toolbox. Click on screen sharing, annotated pen button will appear in toolbar, you can add text tool, drawing tool, stamp or use highlight items. If you want to remove something from the screen, you also have a clear button, which can be used to remove shapes, text, or stamps. Apart from that, you can also move a particular item on the screen using the Select tool. The best is the Disappearance Annotation Pen option which also gives you the option to create a temporary image or shape on the screen and disappear on its own in seconds.

03. Auto Whiteboard Shape – Sometimes during zoom meeting some shapes like circle, triangle or square are not formed in the right shape. With the auto zoom whiteboard shape, you can now create any shape in the perfect shape. For that, you need to tap on the share button and then on the whiteboard share. After that, click on the Edit button in the lower left corner, then click on more options and then click on Smart Recognition. You can now create the shape you want on this whiteboard, which will be directly shared with the people associated with the meeting. This option is currently only available for Android Mobile.
To use these new features, you will need to update your desktop and mobile versions.

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