Follow these steps to make your teeth clean and shiny.

Clean and shiny teeth: – You can use everything from brush to tooth to remove yellow color of teeth. Here are some tips to help you get rid of dental problems.

You have to adopt both ancient and modern methods of brushing teeth. This can make your teeth healthier. Because when they are always clean, there will be no problem of insects. By the way, most of the problems in the teeth are caused by germs. With this, the weakness of the teeth will also go away.

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Brush twice daily

Most people brush in the morning. But don’t brush at night. When brushing at night is more important. Because whatever we eat and drink throughout the day. Some of it or food particles get stuck in the teeth. Which increases the chances of worms in the teeth. If you brush at night like in the morning, your teeth will be brushed.

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Brush your teeth with neem teeth-

You can also follow the ancient method of brushing teeth in the morning. For this you break the neem onion and make it sarcastic. Since neem has the power to fight diseases. For this reason, it will be helpful in cleaning your teeth as well as removing germs.
When brushes and toothpaste were no longer available to clean teeth, people used neem, rosewood, mango and peepal onions to keep their teeth clean. Although these branches are bitter, they eliminate bad breath while cleaning teeth and mouth. Even today in rural areas toothpaste with neem. Because these twigs are antibacterial.

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Here’s how to use Dayton-

You should peel a small onion from the neem tree, which should be a little bigger than your finger. Now chew it with your teeth for a while. When the coarse twigs begin to protrude slightly at the top. So apply it on the teeth like a brush. When this twig starts rubbing slowly, it will automatically become like a brush. Apart from teeth, it can also be rubbed on the tongue. Keep the toothpaste in your mouth, you will benefit more. The villagers do datun for an hour or more. Because it is very beneficial.

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Buy herbal dental toothpaste instead of fancy toothpaste

Whenever you go for toothpaste, choose a toothpaste that is herbal. Chemical free, plant based toothpastes are available in the market nowadays. Which will be very beneficial for your teeth.

Toothbrush properly

Many people brush while running. In such a situation, even your teeth cannot be cleaned properly. To keep your teeth clean, brush well for at least two minutes, meanwhile rotating the brush all the way so that your teeth are clean both inside and out. With this, keep changing the brush from time to time, use a good quality brush.

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