Exercise to strengthen the lungs

Exercises for the lungs: – The lungs carry oxygen to all parts of our body. For this, they should have no problem breathing. For this reason, we have to do some exercises so that our lungs are always strong.

The most important function of staying healthy is to strengthen the lungs during the coronary period. We have to do some exercises like yoga-pranayama to provide strength to our lungs. Due to which the lungs do not face any difficulty in breathing. Also, they should be able to fight any type of infection.

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Help breathe

The function of the lungs is to facilitate breathing. They work by taking in oxygen through the breath and delivering oxygen to our blood. In such a case, the lungs are weak. So we also face difficulties in breathing. In contrast, we have no problem when the flips are strong.

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So pay attention to the lungs as needed.

We move house, market, shop, office fees etc. all day long. During this time, we get all kinds of atmosphere and during breathing, many such things also go with oxygen in our lungs. Which adversely affects the health of the lungs. Which weakens our lungs. For this reason, taking care of the lungs is very important.

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Cultivate daily –

We have to do breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs. For this, we have to breathe for 4 seconds. After this, when the lungs are filled with oxygen, exhale for the next four seconds. Do this exercise for 5 minutes. This helps to clear the lungs.

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Do yoga –

Yoga and pranayama play an important role in strengthening the lungs. For this you should do yoga pranayama like Anulom Antonium, Kapalbhanti. This definitely makes it easier for the lungs to get oxygen. This can also increase oxygen levels.

To swim

Hydrotherapy is no less than a good exercise for the body. This increases our stamina. With this, keep the breath under water for a while while you are swimming, this increases the capacity of the lungs. But do it until you have a problem. You should not do any kind of exercise in which you have to face any kind of problem.

Cold water on the face –

Applying cold water on the face increases the efficiency of the lungs. So before you do breathing exercises, pour cold water on the face. Which will also make it easier for you to take deep breaths.

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