Drink this juice to control diabetes

Health Drinks for Diabetes: – Sugar is such a problem. Which, when grown, brings with it many diseases. Therefore, it is important to control it in a timely manner. Which can also be removed by some home remedies.

As the incidence of diabetes increases in a person’s body, many types of problems appear. It directly affects the heart, kidneys and eyes. So to keep it under control, you can make neem and gilloy juice at home and drink it. Which is also very beneficial for your health.

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Take care of diabetics –

Black fungus has also hit the corona epidemic era. In such cases, those people need special care. Those who suffer from diabetes. So if your sugar level is too high. So control it, so you can protect yourself.

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Take medicines on time, work hard

If you also suffer from diabetes, take its medicines on time. This will keep the sugar under control. People with sugar also need to walk. But this time you can’t go out, so move around the house a bit, work a little harder with it. This will keep your sugar level under control.

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Drink neem and gilloy juice

Neem and gilloy are something that is bitter. But both are used in the manufacture of many types of drugs. Neem contains antivirals, flavonoids and glycosides that lower sugar. For this reason, diabetics should drink neem and gilloy juice. It is very beneficial. It is also helpful in boosting immunity. This is because it is rich in antioxidants and also detoxifies the body of the drink.

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Prepare the juice this way

To make neem and gilloy juice, you have to take about 15 leaves of neem, a teaspoon of gilloy powder and a little grated ginger, a few leaves of black pepper, salt to taste. Now boil it after cleaning all the leaves, then take it pc in the mixer. When it is completely mixed and becomes like a sauce, it can be consumed by adding water as required. Consuming this juice on an empty stomach in the morning will be of great benefit.

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