Diabetes Patients Whose Steroid Blood Tests Check Daily – Medical Knowledge: Diabetes Patients Measuring Blood Sugar By Taking Steroids Every Day

Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Medical Sciences (AIMS), New Delhi, has come up with three suggestions to prevent blanket fungus.

Medical knowledge: Patients with diabetes taking steroids measure their blood sugar every day

1- Sugar Control: Patients with diabetes control their blood sugar. Due to uncontrolled sugar, the risk of blanc fungus increases. Take timely medications for this. Take care of diet and exercise.
2- Don’t take steroids in your brain: Don’t take steroids in your brain. After seeing the patient’s condition, the doctor decides when and how much is given. It’s not even abrupt left. Those taking higher doses are more likely to develop black fungus.
– Measure daily levels with steroids: If diabetics are taking steroids, they should measure their blood sugar daily. Patients taking steroids have a sudden rise in sugar levels.

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Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection Health Tips Sugar Sugar Daddy

Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection Health Tips Sugar Sugar Daddy

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