COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Bracelet: Why is it Popular? – ‘Vaccine passport brasslets’ become popular in the corona outbreak

After all, what’s in those vaccine passport brasslets?

A start-up called Immunband in California has developed wearable brace bracelets. In these bracelets, any person’s Kovid-19 vaccine passport and the actual certificate attached to it can be stored securely digitally. Visually, it looks like a hospital tape used to identify patient information. Depending on the company’s website, the person’s name, address, time of inoculation, due date for the next dose, the company that was injected, and other crown-related information may be scanned with the QR code if necessary.

This bracelet is becoming very popular these days due to its simple use, which provides an easy way to carry the sought-after information related to vaccination to other countries. One of the reasons for the popularity of this bracelet is the need for vaccine passports in most countries in Europe. Travelers can use this bracelet as a Kovid-19 vaccination passport. It can be purchased online from the company’s website, for $ 20.

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