Corona cases rise in Japan, demands cancellation of Olympic Games – Corona cases rise sharply in Osaka, Japan, demands cancellation of Olympic Games

UG Tohda, director of Kindai University Hospital in Osaka, said health services were not being provided to the people due to the rising number of cases.

Osaka. Hospitals in Osaka, Japan’s second-largest city, have come under fire for new corona infections. In such a situation, the health system here has collapsed. People are worried about beds and ventilators. Doctors say he has been performing his duties consistently for the past several weeks. They are tired. He has advised postponing the Olympic Games this summer.

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Half the medical staff vaccinated

Doctors say health systems are not available in the absence of the pace at which Corona cases are on the rise. In such a situation, there are many challenges for the Olympic Games after two months. So far only half of the medical staff has been vaccinated.

“Simply put, it’s the collapse of the medical system,” said UG Tohda, director of Kindai University Hospital Hospital in Osaka. There has been an explosive increase in the number of infections due to Britain’s corona version and a decrease in vigilance.

3,849 new cases in one day

Japan saved itself from a wave of major infections in other countries. But a fourth wave has wreaked havoc in Osaka prefecture. On Thursday, 3,849 new cases were reported here in a single day. This represents a five-fold increase over three months ago.

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14 percent hospitalized

Only 14 percent of coronavirus patients are hospitalized. Most people have to take care of themselves at home. Dr. Toshiki Minami, director of Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Hospital, says cases are spreading among young people and newer versions can make them sick very quickly. As of Thursday, 96 percent of beds in Osaka’s 348 hospitals were in use for severe virus cases. Minami said this version can also bring young people into illness very quickly, and once seriously ill, it is difficult for patients to recover.

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