Charlie Bit My Finger 55 The other two brothers viral video auctioned for five crores

A video of two brothers named Charlie Bit My Finger was uploaded on YouTube, this 55 second video was auctioned for millions

New Delhi. In this age of social media, no one can say what has started to rule people’s hearts on the internet. Sometimes a photo, sometimes a song, sometimes a video on the Internet are viral days (viral videos). One such video went viral on YouTube.

The video of the two younger brothers not only went viral, but also changed the family’s fortunes. The 55-second video was auctioned for Rs 5 crore. Let us know what the whole matter is.

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14 year old video
The 55-second video hit YouTube 14 years ago and changed the fortunes of the entire family. Funny videos of two innocent children are being liked by people so much that its popularity is increasing day by day.

In this case, the video has now been auctioned off as an NFT (Unchangeable Token). The final bid was Rs 5 crore.

This is the name of this video
The name of the video that is rapidly going viral and being liked on the internet is ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’. It was shot in the United States.

This video was filmed in 2007
In May 2007, Howard Davis-Carr, manager of an IT company based in the United States, uploaded the video to YouTube.

These are both children’s names
The two children seen in the video were Harry (3 years old) and Charlie (1 year old). In the video, Harry and Charlie are sitting in a chair together. Charlie had just bit Harry’s finger.

Didn’t think that so many videos would be liked
According to Howard, when he uploaded the video to YouTube, he didn’t think it would be liked that way. When he logged in to remove this video a few months later, he found that thousands of people liked it.

Howard said that when uploaded, the video seemed a bit funny, but a few months later found that it had been viewed thousands of times.

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Harry and Charlie have grown up
Apparently the 14-year-old video kids Harry and Charlie have grown up now. Harry is 6 feet tall, while Charlie is now 15 years old.

Because of this, this video was shot
Explaining his intention to make the video, Howard said he was shot to send it to Harry and Charlie’s grandparents.

883 million views
The video has been viewed about 883 million times since it was posted on YouTube. Which is one of the most viewed videos ever.

Millions of ads have been found on the video
The two brothers became famous with this video, and at the same time the family started making big money. The video has received a lot of commercials, earning millions over the years.

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