Canadian MP William Amos goes naked for the second time in a month while urinating during a zoom meeting

Canadian MP William Amos commits shameful act during ongoing parliamentary proceedings during video conference

New Delhi. The zoom conference call of the House of Commons was underway. All the MPs were giving their suggestions and opinions, while one MP did something that stunned everyone. The MP made ‘urine’ in a plastic cup during a video conference. His act became a shameful situation.

The lawmakers were William Amos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. What is special is that Amos has done this for the second time in a month. Earlier, she was seen naked during a video conference. He later offered to resign.

Once again, MP William Amos stunned everyone during a video conference of the House of Commons in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party MP William Amos was seen “picking” during the proceedings.

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Liberal MP William Amos says he urinated without realizing he was on camera while virtually participating in the House of Commons.

Amos is the same MP who changed his office fees and did not realize that the camera was on. #cdnpoli

– Mercedes Stephenson (@ Mercedes Global) May 28, 2021

William gave this explanation of his act
William Amos issued a statement on his Twitter account. In it he wrote that ‘I was’ picking’ during the proceedings of Parliament, then I felt that my camera was off, but then I realized my mistake. I am ashamed of this act of mine. I am very ashamed of what happened. I apologize unconditionally for this.

I have done this before
This is not the first time William has committed such a shameful act. In early April, Amos was seen naked in Parliament proceedings via video conferencing.

Then during the virtual session, Amos’s laptop camera turned on and he was seen naked on the screen of fellow MPs.

In a screenshot shot by the Canadian press, he is seen standing behind a desk, and private parts were probably covered by a mobile phone. This is the second such incident in Amos in a month.

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MPs demand investigation and action
It is being said that fellow MPs are very upset with William’s act. He has demanded an investigation and action. Conservative MP Karen Vechio and the nickname remedy leader admitted that ‘we were all stunned and very upset to see the actions of William Amos.’

Fellow MPs say that many women MPs were also present during the meeting and it was very disturbing for them to watch.

Let us know that William Amos is 45 years old and also has two children. Amos has been a Member of Parliament for the Quebec District of Pontiac District, Canada since 2015.

Following such speculation, there is now a demand from Amos to resign.

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