Blue tea benefits skin and hair

Many such nutrients are found in blue tea. Which is very beneficial for our body. It is full of antioxidants. Which is why it benefits our skin and hair a lot.

By the way, tea is the most important part of the guest navaji. People have started using many types of tea including red and green tea. Along with this Blue Tea also started attracting people towards it. Because it is made of flowers. It has antioxidant content. Which is very beneficial for the body.

Indeed, Blue Tea is also called Blue Tea. This tea is made from the flowers of Aparajita. Which is very beneficial for health. Today we will tell you the benefits of consuming this tea as well as the recipe for making tea.

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How to make blue tea: –

To make blue tea, you take a cup of water and put it in a pot to boil. When the water becomes lighter, then add about five flowers of Aparajita to it. People also know this flower by the name of conch. Which is used a lot in Ayurveda. Let it boil well. When it boils well and the color of the flowers comes into the water, the tea is ready. Now after taking it off the gas, add a teaspoon of honey to taste and drink it hot and drink the others as well.

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Will detox the body: –

Blue tea is full of antioxidants. Therefore, it works by expelling the toxins present in the body. This also strengthens our immune system. Therefore, it is very beneficial if you consume it on an empty stomach every day.

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Beneficial for Diabetes: –

People who have sugar problems. This tea is very beneficial for them. Because by consuming Blue Tea, your blood sugar level will be under control and you will also avoid the harmful effects of sugar.

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Beneficial for skin and hair: –

This tea is full of antioxidants. So it is very beneficial for your skin and hair. Because it contains vitamins and minerals. They leave no damage to the skin. This makes your hair thicker and stronger.

Stress relief: –

Blue tea contains amino acids. Which relieves the problem of depression and anxiety. This helps a lot in relieving stress. So, people who have extreme stress. Those people should consume this tea.

Will keep the heart healthy: –

Taking blue tea every day helps control your cholesterol levels. This also keeps the blood circulation in order. For this reason, it will also control blood pressure and protect you from heart related diseases.

Get rid of obesity: –

If you consume one cup of blue tea on an empty stomach every day, it will definitely reduce your obesity. Because it is very effective in removing fat. That is why you consume it every day. It is also beneficial for those women. Those who have difficulty during periods or periods are not regular.

Light for the eyes: –

Blue tea increases the brightness of the eyes. The problem of fatigue, itching etc. in the eyes is reduced with this, people who wear glasses after consuming it every day They also begin to appear properly.

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