Banned streamers for 630 years, earning 7 7 million from counterfeiting

He has been banned from the social media app for 230,000 days for cheating and earning more than Rs 7 million.

China. Social media influencers are not only recognized worldwide because of their fan followers, but also make a lot of money through online advertising. Yin Shihang, a 22-year-old social media streamer living in China’s Zhejiang province, has more than 87 million followers on the Chinese version of social media Twitter, Queshu. However, his 21-year-old girlfriend Tao Lulu has been banned from social media for 230,000 days or about 630 years for being involved in a fake affair and earning more than Rs 7 lakh by cheating people on live streaming. .

I have received more than 2.30 lakh complaints
During the 5 hours of fake engagement live streaming, Yin gained 1.7 million followers online, 50,000 perfumes, 20 fake Rolex watches, 21,000 smartphones and Rs 5.66 crore from the event as tips alone. Where he has grossed over Rs 52 crore for this event. The video application company has fraudulently banned the genes for engagement and making money.

So the ban
Quechua has accused App Eun of using “obscene” and “false propaganda” to sell commercial products. Queschu also pointed to false advertising, which received 230,000 complaints. According to the app company, Yin Shihang created interest in the event by promoting a fake “engagement party”. He regularly told his followers about his engagement with Tao Lulu.

He has earned crores of rupees by creating excitement
In the promotional clip, he asks, “Lulu, will you marry me?” Yin came to the party behind a ponytail with a man 2-3-3 years older than him, announcing that the man was his father. The whole event was set up like a game show, and Yin’s ex-girlfriend Third Woman was also present there in a veil.

630 banned bogus Chinese overloading streamer engagement hurts social media tip of online shopping

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