Bangladesh does not want to change its travel ban policy on Israel

The Bangladeshi government said in a statement that its attitude towards Israel had not changed. He will still not recognize Israel.

New Delhi. Bangladesh had earlier announced the imposition of sanctions on passports showing its economy over Israel. The sentence was except for Israel. The announcement on Saturday sounded like Bangladesh’s changing attitude towards Israel. He was welcomed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and advocated for the establishment of diplomatic relations.

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No change in policy and attitude

But now the Bangladeshi government has issued a statement saying there has been no change in its policy and attitude towards Israel. It still does not recognize Israel and the travel ban will continue. Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Dr. A.

Support the conflict

“Our foreign policy towards Israel has remained the same,” he said. He made it clear that he supports the struggle of the Palestinian people. It also supports two state solutions. In such a situation, there is no change in foreign policy.

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Valid for all countries of the world

Significantly, the article is written on the Bangladeshi passport. The passport states that this passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel. The Bangladesh government recently announced the removal of this clause from the passport. Bangladesh’s move was praised by the Deputy Director General of Asia and Pacific Gilead Cohen at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Gilead tweeted good news! Bangladesh has lifted travel bans for Israel. This is a welcome move.

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