Bad weather near the Yellow River in China has killed 21 people in a marathon

A major accident in China’s northwestern province of Gansu, 21 runners lost their lives due to bad weather

New Delhi. Big news has come from China’s northwestern Gansu Province. Bad weather has broken out in the 100-kilometer cross-country marathon in the town of Bain here. 21 runners were killed in the race to win the marathon amid strong winds and drizzle.

According to the information received, 172 runners took part in the marathon. Initially the weather was fine, but shortly after the race began, the weather suddenly began to deteriorate.

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This seasonal change in the high altitude area around the Yellow River proved fatal for runners. The state-run Xinhua news agency reported that participants in the Yellow River Stone Forest race in Gansu province had experienced severe weather.

At least 21 people have died after taking part in a 100-kilometer cross-country mountain marathon in extremely bad weather in northwest China.

A total of 172 people took part in the mountain marathon. The rescue operation was completed on Sunday and took about 24 hours. More than 1,200 troops took part in the rescue operation.

Another 151 marathon participants have been confirmed safe. Eight of them sustained minor injuries and were treated at the hospital.

According to Bain City Mayor Zhang Shuchen, hail and icy rain caused strong winds to blow. The sudden drop in temperature caused trouble for the runners.

Immediately after receiving help messages from some participants, marathon organizers sent a rescue team, which managed to rescue 18 participants.

Angry people
Because of this incident, people on Chinese social media expressed anger and criticized the provincial government for not taking enough steps to defend itself.

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One runner is still missing
More than 1,200 rescue workers, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help runners in bad weather, took immediate action, according to the mayor of Bain City. The bodies of 20 runners have been recovered, while one is still missing.

Injured hospital treatment
The marathon was attended by 172 participants, of whom 151 were rescued. Eight of them sustained minor injuries and are being treated at the hospital.

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