Ayurvedic kadha is also beneficial in Pocode and Peoples

Question- PCOD is a problem of acne. Is there any harm in drinking for the immune system?

Decoction is also beneficial in picode-acne

Ginger, gilloy, cinnamon, pepper, etc. are added to the decoction. They only take a small amount. They not only boost the immune system, but also provide benefits in PCOD and acne. Cinnamon contains a lot of ingredients that make PCOD. Also controls weight. Boil and drink only lightly during the day. Also use its lemon. Vitamin C will also be found.
Poonam Tiwari, Senior Dietitian, Lucknow
Warm brilliance will ease back pain

Question: There is back pain. No relief from painkillers?
There are two main causes of back pain. At one age the bones become weak. Second, getting up and sitting in the wrong posture puts pressure on the waist. Keep in proper posture. If you have pain, warm it up. Avoid cold-sweet and fried foods. They increase the joints. Eat more dairy products. Exercise regularly. Taking painkillers from the heart damages the kidneys and other organs. Do not take any medicine from your mind.
Jitesh Jain,
Orthopedic, Jaipur

Health Tips pcod pcles on the face

Health Tips pcod pcles on the face

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