Albert Einstein’s letter on the theory of relativity sold at auction

Albert Einstein is known as the father of the theory of relativity. His letter is considered historic.

New Delhi. A letter from the German scientist Albert Einstein is under discussion these days. This paper has been auctioned. This is the same letter that gives information about the E = mc2 theory. It is said that Albert Einstein wrote E = mc2 only four times in his life. The letter was released a few days ago. Now it has been auctioned off. Significantly, Albert Einstein is known as the father of the theory of relativity.

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It is estimated that the value of this historic historical letter of Einstein could reach about four million dollars, i.e. twenty million rupees. But during the auction, the bid for Einstein’s letter more than tripled to 1.3 million, or about 90 million. His letter is considered historic. This is the reason why his bid reached around Rs 9 crore during the auction.

Einstein wrote the letter in German

The auction of Einstein’s letter began on May 13. 5 people started bidding to buy it. The last bid for Einstein’s letter was set at $ 1.3 million. The letter was written to Albert Einstein on October 26, 1946, by the American scientist Ludwig Silberstein.

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The letter was written in German. “The question you asked me can only be answered by the E = mc2 theory,” Albert Einstein wrote in the letter. Einstein’s letter was preserved by the American scientist Silberstein. However, his descendants sold the letter after his death. Einstein’s letter has now been auctioned off.

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