About Us

WHIDBEY DAILY is an online news source for Whidbey Island residents who are interested and engaged in the island. Our ownership and staff comprises journalists, columnists and experts. Our primary goals are to provide news stories of public interest, to support our businesses and to be a mouthpiece for the residents of Whidbey Island.

Because we believe your voice should be heard, we welcome both photo and editorial contributions. Please submit photos, columns and news tips to editor@whidbeydailynews.com.

Editor and contributor JANIS REID has more than 15 years of experience writing for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and the web. A Utah native, she decided to make Whidbey Island her home because after sweating in Georgia, freezing in Minnesota and drying in Utah, she thinks this place is friggin’ awesome. She has traveled to Europe three times but has never set foot in Canada. What is up with that.

No relation to Janis Reid, contributor KATHY REED is no stranger to Whidbey Island. Reed is an award-winning writer who spends her spare time dabbling in paper crafting, photography and reading. She and her husband especially enjoy camping in their restored 1961 trailer named Bubbles. There’s gotta be more to that story, so ask her about the next time you see her.

Online manager KELLY PANTOLEON was raised on Whidbey Island and graduated from Oak Harbor High School. A graduate of Seattle Pacific University, she is a whiz at compiling online content and sending it out into the Internet where it can make friends. It’s very important to her what your favorite kind of chip is.

Marketing and Design manager GEORGINA REID has been using her skills in marketing, graphic design and fine art for 20 years. Sister to Janis Reid, she spent many of those years in Salt Lake City, Portland and Minneapolis, but finds Whidbey Island is her jam. Though she prefers to go by George, she will also answer to Gina or Georgie, but will get cranky if called Georgia.