A female biker is a 50-year-old man using Facebook

Yasuo Nakajima, 50, became famous as a female biker

The world of social media is not as beautiful as it seems. People come here to share loneliness but are often deceived. Earlier, something similar was seen in Japan. Here, Japanese youths were insane about a beautiful female biker on Twitter. This girl would go on a superbike every day, posting her fictional selfies on which millions of people would comment. Gradually this girl became popular among Japanese youth on social media and Twitter. But in March of this year, millions of Japanese on Twitter broke their hearts when they learned that the girl they were willing to die for in beautiful style was a girl, not a girl. Let us know the whole thing.

In fact, Japan’s Soya No Sohi is one of hundreds of Japan’s favorite female bikers on Twitter. Those who follow him are crazy about him. However, the number of his fans increased in March. In fact, Soya was not a girl, 50-year-old Yasuo Nakajima was.

Yasuo used to replace the face space with the girls in each frame with the help of Nakajima Face App. Last summer, he posted more than 300 selfies on social media, which went viral. Discovering this fact has increased the number of his fans. He has done this because no one is interested in reading the post of a person older than him on social media.

Yasuo Nakjima says that when we are children, the elders rebuke us for our mistakes, but at this age there is no such thing. I am having the best time of my life. As far as fooling people is concerned, I’ve just changed my look, but really it’s me, so don’t blame me. Where is the time for young people at this age to listen to the older generation like us? I took this step to convey my message to them and to let them know that we still have life and adventure left in us.

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